"I have so many things to tell you; if only out of my mouth came pictures." 

Andreana Rosnik is the only child of two metro-Detroit natives, and before becoming a chemist she dreamed of becoming an illustrator. Upon returning from a post-bacc in Barcelona and beginning a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry at UC-Berkeley, she slowly re-learned how much the creative can inform the analytic. She continues to pursue scientific and artistic pursuits in parallel. 

Her current focus is on small scale illustrations: pen-and-ink drawings of the darker sides of human inner life, paint pen sketches of concentric blossoms, and colored pencil depictions of the natural and supernatural in the universe.


• Art Millennium 2016 Exhibition (December 9-11, 2016)

• “SNAP!” Bay Area Juried Exhibition (January 27-28, 2017)

• Chocolate and Art Show San Francisco (June 22-23, 2017)

• heART is Oakland Benefit Show (July 2017)

• ArtSpan San Francisco Open Studios (October 28-29, 2017)

Gallery Representation

• FrameArt Studio, Portola district, San Francisco, CA (October 2017 – present)


• Michigan Winner of Congressional Art Competition (2009)

Professional Development

• Mural design course and mural painting with Precita Eyes muralists, Berkeley Art Studio; mural located on University of California-Berkeley campus (February – March 2017)

• Introduction to comics and illustration, Berkeley Art Studio (August 2017)


• ArtSpan Member (October 2016)



Basic information

Born in Detroit, MI (1991)

Currently living in Berkeley, CA

B.S. Chemistry and Mathematics, Hope College (2009-2013)

Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, UC-Berkeley (in progress)


• Lowbrow/Pop-surrealism

• Mental health and art

• Illustration

• Dark art

• Surrealism

• Magic realism

• Drawing

• Intersection of science and art

• Children’s book illustrations

• Patterns in the natural world